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Advanced training and work shadowing worldwide Training opportunities

Spending time abroad to learn about innovative care concepts for working with chronically ill and multimorbid patients – thatʼs the objective of Robert Bosch Stiftung GmbH’s Care for Chronic Condition (CfCC) programme. Here we explain how interested health care professionals and managers can find a suitable training or work shadowing opportunity overseas.

About the programme

We’re happy to advise you

Can’t find anything suitable for your particular area of interest among our offers? Please feel free to contact us at any time. We will be happy to advise you and, if necessary, help you find a suitable training opportunity for your needs. You can also contact us with general questions about the CfCC programme.

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Submitting your own ideas

Do you have your own ideas or suggestions for a training or work shadowing stay abroad? Perhaps you have already done your own research or even organised something yourself? Please feel free to send us your application at any time. From 1 September 2019 we won’t have any invitation phases for submitting your own ideas.


Current training and work shadowing offers

Advanced training

Kaiser Permanente International, USA

Kaiser Permanente International (KP international) is an educational facility of Kaiser Permanente, a major health care provider in the USA. KP International aims to share the knowledge and experience of Kaiser Permanente with international stakeholders in health care. Its advanced training...

Read more16 DEC 2019 - 29 FEB 2020
Advanced training

Buurtzorg, Netherlands

Buurtzorg, which translates as neighbourhood help, is a pioneering programme in integrated health care. Qualified nursing/care specialists work in teams in the patient’s direct living environment and gear their home care to the patient’s actual needs and surroundings. This normally increases their...

Read more12 DEC 2019 - 17 APR 2020
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Advanced training

G+G study trip, USA

This three-day study trip to Washington and Baltimore in spring 2020 provides an opportunity to experience how patients in the USA benefit from integrated care. The trip is organised by G+G (Gesundheit und Gesellschaft), a health and community magazine published by the German Association of Local...

Read more14 NOV 2019 - 07 FEB 2020
Work shadowing

CASAP, Spain

The CASAP Primary Care Centre serves more than 70,000 residents of Casteldefels and neighbouring towns. It is situated 20 minutes south of Barcelona and close to the airport. The Centre offers a Primary Care Experience Programme, which is an academic and practical training aimed at health care...

Read more27 JUN 2020 - 31 JAN 2020
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Work shadowing

EAP Sardenya, Spain

Equip d’Atenció Primària Barcelona Sardenya SLP (EAP Sardenya) is a health care company that belongs to the public health system, located in the centre of Barcelona and serving a population of 19,000. The company is staffed by doctors, nurses and dental specialists. EAP Sardenya has a research unit...

Read more26 JUN - 31 DEC 2019
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Work shadowing

Spitex Zürich Limmat, Switzerland

Spitex Zürich Limmat provides services to the city of Zurich for outpatient care and support for people in their own homes. One thousand workers in nine Spitex centres look after 6,500 people round the clock. Various additional departments are available, including palliative care, psychosocial care...

Read more06 AUG 2019 - 30 APR 2020
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Work shadowing

Education for Health, UK

Education for Health is an educational charity. Its mission is to improve the lives of people living with long-term conditions. The way to achieve this aim is through a well-informed and well-educated workforce and therefore the charity is a specialist provider of education and training courses in...

Read more29 NOV 2018 - 31 MAR 2020

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